I have worked with Cécile for a number of years on a variety of projects and found her to be creative, resourceful and thoughtful. Our first project together was a mural for the Stanford Terrace Inn in which she and her team took an architecturally challenged hotel entrance and made it warm and welcoming with the use of a variety of elements. Her creativity and resourcefulness extended to another hotel project when they created one of a kind art pieces made out of reclaimed fabrics and findings that related to the hotels commitment to the environment, and set them apart from a typical “box” hotel. I have found Cécile’s creativity to extend to the work we have done together on residential projects as well, from single rooms to entire homes she has been excellent with a fresh outlook on a variety of styles.

Barbara Pressman, Manager at Stanford Terrace Inn

Élise French Flair

Interior Design & Fine Arts

Élise French Flair combines fine arts, sustainability, and contemporary design to bring beauty, comfort, peace, and elegance to your life.